About the Illinois Enterprise Zone Association

Facilitating. Educating. Networking.

Enterprise zones are among Illinois’ most important and effective tools to stimulate economic growth and neighborhood revitalization. Although the Enterprise Zone Program is overseen and supervised at the state level by the Department of Commerce and Economic Development (DCEO), its ultimate success depends on the level of localized commitment and participation – and facilitating and guiding local-level enterprise zone activities is the fundamental purpose of the member-based IEZA.

Locally, these IEZA activities include the determination of specific economic developement objectives, the selection of incentives, collaboration and coordination, drafting of applications, and carrying out the day-to-day local administration duties of the enterprise zones.

Developing Our Members

Enterprise zone administrators must possess a high level of knowledge and understanding of the legal and legislative aspects of Illinois’ Enterprise Zone Program. As such, the IEZA regularly conducts an array of educational opportunities for its members with workshops, conferences, training sessions and panel discussions. These learning forums not only supply IEZA members with needed and insightful information, but also provide members with valuable networking and team-building benefits.