IEZA Fall Conference October 28-29, 2021

Virtual Conference

October 28th and 29th

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we will have a virtual Fall IEZA conference this year.  We know that our members appreciate the knowledge and updates they typically gain from attending the conferences.  Therefore, we are scheduling a virtual conference for October 28th and 29th.  This will allow us to conduct our annual membership meeting and give our members an opportunity to get critical updates on Enterprise Zone issues from both DCEO and IDOR.  We will also cover other funding opportunities and DCEO Programs, and after much demand we are bringing back our Enterprise Zone Administrator 101 session!  We hope that you are able join us for these sessions.  Access to the sessions will be at no cost to IEZA members.

October 28th – 9am to 11:00am

  • IEZA Annual Membership Meeting and Director/Officer Appointments
  • Fehr-Graham Engineering & Environmental – Strategies for Redevelopment of Environmentally Challenged Sites

October 29th – 9am to 12:00pm

  • Aly Grady, DCEO Regional Representative – Review of all DCEO Programs and Funding Opportunities
  • Ben Denney, DCEO & Representatives from the IDOR Enterprise Zone Program and Reporting Updates, Q&A
  • Ben Wilson, Kankakee County Planning – Enterprise Zone Administrator 101 Session

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IEZA Spring Conference May 13-14, 2021


Virtual Conference

May 13th and 14th

The pandemic has unfortunately prevented us from having our regular spring IEZA conference this year.  We know that our members appreciate the knowledge and updates they typically gain from attending the conferences.  Therefore, we are scheduling a virtual conference on May 13th and 14th.  This will allow us to conduct our annual membership meeting and give our members an opportunity to get critical updates on Enterprise Zone issues from both DCEO and IDOR.  We hope that you are able join us for these sessions.  Access to the sessions will be at no cost to IEZA members.  

May 13th – 9am to 11:30am

  • IEZA Membership Meeting
  • State Treasurer Michael Frerichs – Review of State Treasurer Programs for Communities
  • Ameren Illinois – Benefits of EZ Exemptions and Other Programs to Benefit Businesses

May 14th – 9am to 11:30am

  • DCEO and IDOR Updates on Zone Issues and Reporting

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Goals & Objectives for 2006

The IEZA board has drafted it goals and objectives for 2006.


GOAL I: Continue to improve communications and record keeping with all individuals, governments, organizations and businesses involved in the Illinois Enterprise Zone Program.

  • Objective: Update and approve IEZA By-Laws. Objective: Produce Three Newsletters.
  • Objective: Continue the education of Zone Administrators/educators/school board members on the effect of enterprise zone abatements on general state aid.
  • Objective: Continue updating and maintain IEZA Web Site.
  • Objective: Maintain and centralize comprehensive mailing lists for membership solicitations, conferences and newsletters.
  • Objective: To purchase digital camera for newsletter photos

GOAL II: Continue to broaden awareness of the Illinois Enterprise Zone Program through cooperative efforts with other Economic Development organizations.

  • Objective: Continue to coordinate conferences with other ED organizations to avoid conflicts.
  • Objective: Link IEZA Web Site to Web Sites of IEZA members, DCEO, IDC and ITIA. 

GOAL III: Increase membership of Zone Administrators and other business categories.

  • Objective: Maintain contact with each zone administrator by mail. Objective: Continue contact with nonmembers by phone or other means.
  • Objective: Continue contacting certified businesses and candidates for professional membership by mail.
  • Objective: Encourage IEZA members to contact potential certified businesses and other potential members in their area by phone or in person. 

GOAL IV: Remain active in legislation affecting zones.

  • Objective: Monitor and inform members of all legislation affecting zones.
  • Objective: Poll IEZA Board members to determine if a position should be taken on individual legislation.
  • Objective: Contact legislators regarding IEZA’s position on legislation and encourage members to make individual contact.

GOAL V: Educate new zone administrators.

  • Objective: Provide continuing education for members through two workshops/ conferences.

GOAL VI: Promote and hi-lite successful business investment with Illinois Enterprise Zones.

  • Objective: Expand mailing of IEZA newsletter and press releases to all State Agencies. 

EZ Building Materials Sales Tax Exemption

Recently a question was raised concerning whether or not County Public Safety Sales Tax is exempt under EZ Building Materials Sales Tax Exemption.

Officials from the Illinois Department of Revenue have confirmed that County Public Safety Sales Tax is automatically exempt.

The EZ Building Materials Sales Tax Exemption also covers Home Rule Sales Tax, Non Home Rule Sales Tax and Business District Sales Tax.

IDOR Releases New Process Instructions for Sales Tax Exemption Certificates

EFFECTIVE June 17, 2013

Contractors and other entities participating in a real estate construction, rehabilitation, or renovation project in an Enterprise Zone or a River Edge Redevelopment Zone – or for a state-certified High Impact Business – may purchase building materials for the project exempt from sales tax.

Beginning July 1, 2013, the building materials exemption will be available only to those contractors or other entities with a certificate issued by the Illinois Department of Revenue.

This bulletin provides a brief description of the requirements. For complete information about what you need, visit their website at and click on the “Business Incentives Reporting and Building Materials Exemption Certification” link.

pdfIDOR Informational Bulletin146.78 KB

pdfEZ-1 Building Materials Exemption Certification28.18 KB

pdfBMEC Administrtor Letter.pdf78.47 KB



IDOR Reporting Deadline for Zone Administrators

Online Reporting Due March 30, 2013
IDOR Reporting Deadline
Enterprise Zone and River Edge Redevelopment Zone Administrators are now required to annually collect and compile information regarding job creation, job retention and capital investment and submit to the Department of Revenue. Although businesses have been granted an extension until May 20, 2013 to file Enterprise Zone reports pursuant to Public Act 97-905, Zone Administrators aren’t as lucky. The deadline to complete this online reporting is March 30, 2013.
Within the last week, the Department of Revenue issued letters to Zone Administrators of record with a PIN number and your Enterprise Zone name. This is the information needed to get into the system in order to complete the forms.
Please keep in mind, businesses have been granted an extension to May 29 to file reports.
In the event that you find fields that are problematic or questionable, please contact me and I will refer those questions directly to the Department of Revenue.
For your convenience, below is the link to the reporting website:  (please click on the EZ Reporting tab, then New Business Incentives Reporting Information link).

Letter from Craig Coil

September 28, 2012

First let me apologize for the delay in getting the program to you for our upcoming conference in Springfield… The IEZA Board of Directors and I have been working closely with a number of groups to make sure we can present accurate information about the revised Illinois Enterprise Zone Program.

The 2012 Enterprise Zone Extension Legislation makes major changes in the way Zones are selected, managed, and reported. While the end goal of long term extension was achieved, the implementation of the program modifications will change the way administrators operate the program at the local level, the way companies report activity in each zone and the way the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity and the Department of Revenue gather and evaluate information.

The goal of the Fall 2012 IEZA Conference is to begin to outline the issues we will all need to address, recognizing this is a fluid and dynamic process and that some processes are still in development. So if you already have a Zone, use a Zone or want a new Zone, I hope you will join us November, in Springfield to learn more.
Thank you and hope to see you soon!

Craig Coil

2012 Fall Conference Brochure and Agenda

Governor Quinn Signs Enterprise Zone Extension Legislation!

gov-quinnAfter nearly three years of discussion and negotiation, the Illinois Enterprise Zone Association (IEZA) today congratulated Governor Pat Quinn (D-Illinois) on signing Senate Bill 3616.  The bill, sponsored by Sen. Michael Frerichs (D-Champaign),Sen. Pamela Althoff (R-Crystal Lake), Rep. John Bradley (D-Marion) and Rep. David Harris (R-Mt. Prospect), passed the General Assembly unanimously and is the culmination of months of negotiation and bi-partisan cooperation.  The end result adds up to 25 years to the life of Illinois Enterprise Zones and modernizes a critical economic development tool which has gone essentially unchanged since its inception in the late 1980’s.    
“The bill Governor Quinn signed today will provide stable and predictable job creation and retention incentives for the long term, more transparency and performance reporting and revised qualification criteria which may give communities not currently designated as Enterprise Zones the chance to be
considered in the future,” said Craig Coil, President of the IEZA and the Economic Development Corporation of Decatur & Macon County.

Coil added, “More importantly, it also gives communities with existing zones the opportunity to renew for up to 25 years, thereby stabilizing their long term economic development strategies and giving employers of all sizes and types a measure of predictability in planning for future job development and capital project opportunities.”

Eight Enterprise Zones located in Chicago, Rockford, Decatur, Peoria, Canton/Fulton County, Des Plaines River Valley and East St. Louis were scheduled to begin expiring in 2013, but today’s action ensures they are all able to compete for jobs and economic development on a level playing field.

“As economic developers, we compete every day for jobs and investment with locations throughout the country and around the world and the Illinois Enterprise Zone program has kept us in the game for nearly 30 years”, Coil said. “By passing and signing this bill, Governor Quinn and the General Assembly have helped all of us who are involved in economic development in Illinois and the communities we represent remain competitive for the foreseeable future”.
Championed by the Illinois Manufacturers Association (IMA) with significant technical assistance and support provided by the Illinois Enterprise Zone Association (IEZA) and the Taxpayers Federation of Illinois (TFI), Senate Bill 3616 represents a true collaboration of ideas and opinions.  Illinois employers  as well as media and local government leaders, Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Organizations throughout the state helped promote the merits of the bill as well, reaching out to their respective legislators about the importance of remaining competitive for the long term.

The Illinois Enterprise Zone Association is a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the marketing and promotion of Illinois Enterprise Zones and the training and education of Illinois Enterprise Zone administrators.  The IEZA volunteer leadership team of officers, Board members and general members represent nearly 85% of the 97 Illinois Enterprise Zones and are actively involved in the growth and economic development of Illinois communities.