IEZA Organization FAQs

The IEZA is a creative coalition of enterprise zone officials, economic development professionals and prominent business leaders organized to promote, strengthen and enhance the Illinois Enterprise Zone Program.

The purpose of the Association is to provide a forum for Illinois Enterprise Zone representative to coordinate, respond to and support the needs, efforts, and concerns of the individual enterprise zones in Illinois.

The Enterprise Zone Association was created in 1983 as a vehicle for allowing zone administrators and businesses within enterprise zones to have the opportunity of networking and being updated on state enterprise zone issues.

IEZA holds quarterly membership meetings in enterprise zone communities throughout the state. This provides an opportunity for enterprise zone businesses to showcase success stories. Additionally, IEZA organizes an education conference each year that includes various topics of interest to companies who utilize the zone incentives. The IEZA monitors legislation that positively or negatively affects zone incentives. IEZA successfully curbed an attempt to limit dividend deductions for enterprise zone businesses and worked to restore local control of the retail sales tax deduction on building materials. The IEZA newsletter provides information on legislative changes, effective marketing techniques, upcoming meetings, and news articles submitted outlining activities in Illinois enterprise zones. The newsletter is sent not only to members but to key state officials. The Association maintains a list of resource persons with expertise in various zone incentive areas. The Board of Directors welcomes your enterprise zone inquiries and will work to provide you with possible solutions to your concerns.