Goals & Objectives for 2010

During the IEZA’s 2010 Annual Board Retreat, the Board approved the following Goals & Objectives for 2011:

GOAL I: Continue to improve communications with all individuals, governments, organizations and businesses related to the Illinois Enterprise Zone Program.

  • Objective: Produce electronic IEZA Newsletters.
  • Send congratulatory letter to all new legislators and include information about IEZA.
  • Objective: Utilize outside resources to continue the education of Zone Administrators.
  • Objective: Maintain and update IEZA Web Site.
  • Objective: Maintain centralized comprehensive mail and email lists for membership information, conferences and newsletters. Integrate with online IEZA Web Site.

GOAL II: Continue to broaden awareness of the Illinois Enterprise Zone Program through cooperative efforts with other Economic Development and related organizations.

  • Objective: Maintain IEZA web links to web sites of IEZA members, DCEO, IDC, ITIA, IML, Illinois State APA and other Enterprise Zone application-related sites (examples: AG Review, Gas Use Tax Exemption, etc.).

GOAL III: Add “Members Only” value content to the IEZA website.

  • Objective: Add content for “Members Only” section of IEZA website to include: Conference Presentations and PowerPoints, Administrator’s Handbook CDRom, Survey results, Incentive Calculator and Economic Impact Calculator.

GOAL IV: Continue to increase membership of Zone Administrators and other categories.

  • Objective: Maintain contact with each zone administrator by mail and electronic means.
  • Objective: Conduct ongoing retention and recruitment efforts. 
  • Objective: Contact certified businesses and professional member candidates.

2011 Goals & Objectives 25.14 Kb