Wal-Mart DC Rising in Whiteside County


Development to result in 700 new good-paying jobs with benefits.

As a result of cooperative efforts, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is almost finished with the construction of the warehouse/distribution center in Whiteside County.

This project has entailed the construction of a state-of-the-art, $62M, 900,000 square foot facility that will provide quality jobs for more than 700 full time employees. This summer more than 40 management positions were filled to start coordination of the hiring and start up of the distribution center.

While some of the management team have already moved to Whiteside County many will not move until the first of the year. Many of these individuals are coming from all over the United States, but some are local employees who will be moving into management positions. Last month while here for training the management team spent a Friday working on local projects, such as at the Morrison Day Care Center on the playground and equipment. They also helped with fixing a roof on a home in the Sterling area. They don’t even live here yet and they are out working on community projects.

Applications are now being excepted and hiring will start very soon for the more than seven hundred (700) hundred positions. The facility will be open for business in April 2006. Advertised wages at the distribution center will start at $13/hr. for warehouse positions, maintenance supervisor at $16/hr., and maintenance technicians at $16/hr. with 50-cent incremental raises every three months. These jobs will also provide a benefit package that includes: comprehensive medical/ dental plan, 401K plan, company profit sharing, and life insurance, just to mention a few.

The impact of the location of the Wal-Mart Distribution to Whiteside County will not only create an estimated $110.2M increased annual economic activity, but will also provide the value of the employees in volunteering for our communities not to mention the contributions that will be added to our non for profit organizations by contributions from Wal-Mart.